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Harguess Family Chronicles
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Family members who wish to become a part of the Harguess Family Chronicles geneology page or if you have and other questions or concerns, please contact me first on facebook.

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Entry 8

Man this week has been busy. Took my final for my Criminology course. Aced it. I know i got a high score on it. Adding in the fact I turned in two extra credit projects I’m guaranteed a near perfect score. I will be getting a mid B in my math class. That really irks me. basically I lost points because the program online sucks and doesn’t give any leeway for variances in calculating large decimals. I was marked wrong on several items I know i was correct on. easy formulas that I know inside and out, and repeating the calculation several times. Even did some checks online with some of the problems using calculators and they got the same answers, but hay Mid B only sucks slightly.

The second summer session starts Monday. Yay Anthropology and sociology!!!

Entry 7

I was able to spent a good hour and a half with my kids on skype Sunday. Was alot of fun catching up with them as I was unable to see them previously on skype since my camera was down. It’s still not working properly but I was able to get bye. The Liberty Mile site is now up and running fully integrated into everything. I post the first full article tonite. I still have to add the link to the site on the main page header. Until I do here is the URL


The end of the first five week summer session is fast approaching. Only a few days off. I still ahve a bit of math homework to do, a paper for my Criminology class, a CD for the instructor of that class I need to Burn and multiple articles for both the LAF and TLM sites. AND I still have two sites to get up and running.

I need the days to be like 30 hours.

I did see a really funny Video so I’ve decide to post it here.

Entry 6

I scored a 92 on my exam. one more to go. I have one paper I can write as extra credit and have been round up so old video content for the instructor, for which he has said he will give me extra credit for. I think I’m pretty well set for this class.

So I lied. I am actually working both the Liberty Mile and Fictitious Melodies at the same time. No template work as yet, just setting up the internal workings of each site. I’m pretty much done with that part other than what little coding i need to do to get the proper content accessed by the content’s respective pages. Basically it’s the same sub-routine with a key variable given a different value corresponding to the category of content; plugged into each page.

Still looking for a place to life. Autumn is out of school and waiting to come up and spend what’s left of summer here. The other girls earned themselves summer-school. I’m worried bout Lillian. She’s just not taking high-school seriously. Her grades are tanking. Sebastian has decided to take American Government over the summer. He and Autumn are almost straight A’s. His idea is to get ahead of the game. I would have preferred he came up here for the summer but I can’t argue with his commitment to school. I hope to have a place by the first of July.


Entry 5

So I took my second Midterm for my criminology course yesterday. I think i did OK; hopefully we’ll see  today. I’ve got the LaF and SWTOR sites fully migrated to wordpress. At this point the only thing lacking is content. I’m hard at work redoing the old articles for the LaF and I will be making my best effort to post some content daily. The next site to come up will be my projects site. It will host my personal writings and artwork. Originally I had two separate sites for each but I’ve decided that I only need one. it will save me time and effort and will ultimately prove better overall. I think I will keep the name of the original literature site, “Fictitious Melodies “. I really like the name. Question is; what sort of template should it do?

I will also be continuing the Genealogy site and will be adding a political editorial site I’m calling “The Liberty Mile”. I already have the graphics done for both sites. I just need to create the templates and populate the database.

Entry 4

So I got the SWTOR site fully up and running this weekend. The site supports my guild The angels of War. The weekend was uneventful otherwise. I heard so crazy
off the wall leftist crap that just made me laugh. Damn libtards in our government just keep getting dumber and dumber. When will the insanity stop. It’s like common sense and knowing rite from wrong has gone totally out the door. I fear for where our country is headed.

Entry 3

Finally it’s Friday. I’m hard at work doing the whole college bit, working at the UM Vets office and, doing updates upon updates to the network. I’m gonna just have to break down an pay for the Adobe cloud again. Man I hate doing it but I spent all last night working on new graphics for the network an waited alot of time using Photo Impact 10. I’m mean it works and I can do everything I need to but damn, it’s so antiquated. the new cloud version of Photoshop cuts the work flow down by a huge factor. So; I guess i’m gonna fork out 20 bucks a month for the suite.

On the flip side I finally found a decent company to go through in finding a place to stay. Turns out i’m going to have a full month between the summer and fall semesters so I’m gonna use that time to travel back to Fresno and get all my stuff that’s still sitting in storage.

Still haven’t had a single return to any emails or phone calls from the media arts department here at the University. My transcripts still haven’t been evaluated. So I enrolled in all of the prerequisites for the BFA Degree so that in the spring I can hopefully get accepted. In the off chance  they get my transcripts evaluated I might be able to alter my schedule. As of now I’m taking four classes I really shouldn’t be taking, All repeats. If they do get it done I might be able to alter my schedule and take some classes I really need to take.

Crossing my fingers-



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