"That which does not kill
us makes us stronger..."
Friedrich Nietzsche

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                    Welcome to Harguess.com. My little slice of the world wide web.

      This is my main site. It is filled with information about me, my interests, and the projects I am
      currently working on. If you have any questions that are not answered here or need to contact me,
      please feel free to drop me a line at any of the social networking sites I currently have accounts with.

      NOTE: I have wiped my server and an reworking my entire site. Many areas are as yet not up or
      partially up. I'll get things done as time allows. Thank you for your understanding.

Family Members Please contact me via Facebook Messanger
and I'll set you up with and all access account.



I have the Core Application Re-Code well under way. The Main template is completed and up; although, I have none of the other areas reloaded. Their templates will remain unchanged, but I will be revising the server side code to more streamline things and make them more modular. I am also creating readme.txt files for all root directories as I will be making the core application available on Github. I will be including full tutorials on how to use my code on your server.

NOTE: I am down to reworking the code on the main site elements. All evil overlord control files are done.

NOTE: At this time I am changing the account creation to allow users to specify which areas they want access to. Users will be able to opt in for all areas of the site or just selected areas. Creating a login does not grant administration abilities or constitute a Staff Position in the case of the Lost & Found.
    I have been working on my family's genealogy project for more years than I can count. It all started with a Jr-high school history asignment and an interview I conducted with my father. He put me on the path that would lead me over 460 years into the past, half way around the world to the Dutch-Neatherlands.

You can see my GEN-Project by clicking
Here. You can contribute data Here.

I also have a Facebook group page and an Ancestry.com account. Contact me on FB for details.


POSTED ON: 2016-03-29 BY: vanthromhre
i suck

i really need to update more often.


POSTED ON: 2016-02-16 BY: vanthromhre
Entry One

The new core is coming along nicely I have the root paths figured out and the new multiple data base format for each of the individual areas structured out.

Ulike before where all of the site areas operated under one database that was getting disturbingly confusing and cluttered; each site area will have a dedicated data base for content management. They will only share the login table of the main Db.

I have already begun to work the site area elements. I will work the main site first and then each individual site area as time allows.

I have yet to debug and activate the user are where by users can create an account. I will hit that up next over the next week or so as my homework load allows me.

Once I have core complete I will be offering it under open lic. for use.


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