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My little slice of the web. Here I have created a network of websites that focus on my projects and interests. They are a network of wordpress sites fully integrated into social media and the server side elements I have created. Included are the following websites:

The Liberty Mile
The Lost and Found
Harguess Family Chronicles
Fictitious Melodies
My SWTOR Guild Website

Family members who wish to become a part of the Harguess Family Chronicles geneology page or if you have and other questions or concerns, please contact me first on facebook.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy.

Author Archives: Allen H.

Entry 14: New Friends

While making the short trip back to my apartment I walked up on these interesting folks. While making the short trip back to my apartment ...read more → Read more»

Entry 13: Time is a blur

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Entry 12: Oh man I love this Meme

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Entry 11: Things R’ Crazey

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Entry 10: New Semester Begins

The first week of homework is as expected. easy peasy. The only course I think that might give me a bit of trouble is History, ...read more → Read more»

Entry 9: Lagging soooooo bad!

Man this is a long overdue entry. A combination of busy busy and me lagging. So I ended up having to retake all five of ...read more → Read more»

Entry 8: I’m da man

Man this week has been busy. Took my final for my Criminology course. Aced it. I know i got a high score on it. Adding ...read more → Read more»

Entry 7: Back in Cali

I was able to spent a good hour and a half with my kids on skype Sunday. Was alot of fun catching up with them ...read more → Read more»

Entry 6: Got Great Test Scores

I scored a 92 on my exam. one more to go. I have one paper I can write as extra credit and have been round ...read more → Read more»

Entry 5: So much done, so much ta do

So I took my second Midterm for my criminology course yesterday. I think i did OK; hopefully we’ll see  today. I’ve got the LaF and ...read more → Read more»