Hello and Welcome to Harguess.com,

My little slice of the web. Here I have created a network of websites that focus on my projects and interests. They are a network of wordpress sites fully integrated into social media and the server side elements I have created. Included are the following websites:

The Liberty Mile
The Lost and Found
Harguess Family Chronicles
Fictitious Melodies
My SWTOR Guild Website

Family members who wish to become a part of the Harguess Family Chronicles geneology page or if you have and other questions or concerns, please contact me first on facebook.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy.

My Journal

Entry 14: New Friends

While making the short trip back to my apartment I walked up on these interesting folks. While making the short trip back to my apartment ...read more → Read more»

Entry 13: Time is a blur

The past few days has been a blur. homework, articles for the Mile. still haven’t gotten the genealogy site completely debugged. so much to do ...read more → Read more»

Entry 12: Oh man I love this Meme

Ok so this is so hilarious i had to post it. Read more»

Entry 11: Things R’ Crazey

The weekend is well underway. They go by so fast. Fires are still burning and the air is borderline toxic. Libtards are still crazy and ...read more → Read more»

Entry 10: New Semester Begins

The first week of homework is as expected. easy peasy. The only course I think that might give me a bit of trouble is History, ...read more → Read more»

Entry 9: Lagging soooooo bad!

Man this is a long overdue entry. A combination of busy busy and me lagging. So I ended up having to retake all five of ...read more → Read more»

Entry 8: I’m da man

Man this week has been busy. Took my final for my Criminology course. Aced it. I know i got a high score on it. Adding ...read more → Read more»

Entry 7: Back in Cali

I was able to spent a good hour and a half with my kids on skype Sunday. Was alot of fun catching up with them ...read more → Read more»

Entry 6: Got Great Test Scores

I scored a 92 on my exam. one more to go. I have one paper I can write as extra credit and have been round ...read more → Read more»

Entry 5: So much done, so much ta do

So I took my second Midterm for my criminology course yesterday. I think i did OK; hopefully we’ll see  today. I’ve got the LaF and ...read more → Read more»