Hello and Welcome to Harguess.com,

My little slice of the web. Here I have created a network of websites that focus on my projects and interests. They are a network of wordpress sites fully integrated into social media and the server side elements I have created. Included are the following websites:

The Liberty Mile
The Lost and Found
Harguess Family Chronicles
Fictitious Melodies
My SWTOR Guild Website

Family members who wish to become a part of the Harguess Family Chronicles geneology page or if you have and other questions or concerns, please contact me first on facebook.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy.

My Journal

Entry 22:

Midterm 2 for history is done. And I’ve complete another Photoshop assignment. This one was all about compositing. So I decided to grab screen shots ...read more → Read more»

Entry 21: Full Week

A great many things have happened this last week. Sebastian is back home and doing well. It was touch and go for a while, waiting ...read more → Read more»

Entry 20: Snow is here to stay

Read more»

Entry 19: The Grind

Grinding through all the much of each day. Sebastian is still not improving much. talked to the doctor in charge of the pediatric program who ...read more → Read more»

Entry 18: A Hard Sad Week

This whole last week has been so very hard for me. My son Sebastian was admitted to hospital on Thursday. His appendix ruptured. He has ...read more → Read more»

Entry 17: More Projects from University of Montana

So i have two projects that I’ve completed for two of the five Media Arts classes I’m taking this semester at UM. The first is ...read more → Read more»

Entry 17: Luther Nelson Harguess

So today is Pop’s birthday and I’d like to take a moment and remember him. Born oct 10th, 1941 to Everett and Georgia Harguess in ...read more → Read more»

Entry 16: Latest Projects

So here are two of my latest projects for my photoshop and film classes. Read more»

Entry 15 Hard at work

I have spent most of this last week attending to the needs of my genealogical website and have completed a great deal. the template is ...read more → Read more»

Entry 14: New Friends

While making the short trip back to my apartment I walked up on these interesting folks. While making the short trip back to my apartment ...read more → Read more»