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Entry 9: Lagging soooooo bad!

Man this is a long overdue entry. A combination of busy busy and me lagging.

So I ended up having to retake all five of the intro classes for media arts to ensure that I can apply for the BFA program this January. Unfortunately for me the Media arts department got back to me really close to the start of the semester and want me to jump through all kinds of hoops to get the equivalencies i need for the classes I’ve already taken that should honestly match up with five intros.

Nearly all of my 91 transfer credits were placed as electives by the university, which really screwed me. But at least I will have Easy A’s in all five classes and will be guaranteed to have all five prerequisites completed for the BFA program. Even if i had jumped through all their hoops I wasn’t guaranteed the equivalencies.

I was lucky enough to visit with my children for two weeks in-between semesters. Heat was horrible in Cali but i enjoyed the visit. It sucks not having them here.

I’ll be getting back to daily posts. I’m determined to balance work, school, this blog and two others and learning guitar. Man that’s not going to leave much time for SWTOR.

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