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Entry 17: Luther Nelson Harguess

So today is Pop’s birthday and I’d like to take a moment and remember him. Born oct 10th, 1941 to Everett and Georgia Harguess in Shafter, Kern county California.
He worked as an Air Structural Maintenance troop for the U.S. Air Force for twenty year, station mostly at Travis AFB in California. He ran the Structural shop there for many years.
When he retired he moved our family to Fresno California Where he lived until his death. He worked there for Pac-Bell running their fleet maintenance and earning a second retirement for 20 years of service with the company.

He loved flying model planes and racing Nitro-powered model cars. I flew both powered and glider aircraft with him on many occasions. He traveled all over the world doing overseas duty with his unit. He was always very outgoing and loved to dance. For his size he could really dance a jig.


He also loved cars and motorcycles. Both he and I restored many oldies. Pop could build anything. If he needed something he built it from scratch.
My favorite times were when we would do our pilgrimages Out to Pick A Part to scrounge parts for the newest car project. We did it every Saturday morning. Afterwords we’d hit up the all you can eat Chinese buffet for lunch.

He taught me a great deal about life and self-reliance. I miss the old boy.


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