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Entry 21: Full Week

A great many things have happened this last week. Sebastian is back home and doing well. It was touch and go for a while, waiting for his digestives system to come back online. It finally did and we have him home again. I thank god for that. I got back the results for my mid-term for one of my media classes. To my astonishment I received 100%. All my classes are going great save one which I’m down to just over a 90% in.The darn TA is a boob and not grading all my assignments and lo-balling me on others. My projects are far superior in both content and techniques used for nearly all the other students and I’m still getting low b’s on most of them. I’m not happy.

It looks like I’ll have all the girls this summer with Autumn staying permanently to attend High School here in Missoula. Sebastian wants to stay in California over the summer. He’s waiting for his buddy to be able to move up here and attend the University with him. I’m going to need to get some bunk-beds really soon and begin preparing for the shift. That is actually exciting.

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