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Entry 23 End Of Year Rush

So the end of the semester and the year is fast approaching. Once I get through finals week, I will be heading back to California for a few days to spend X-mas with my kids. Tanya and I have decided that it would be in Lillian’s best interest to come back with me. The influences of Buchanan High just isn’t boding well for her. Her attitude is not at all what it should be and we fear will deteriorate. 

But, her being here in Montana and attending Sentinel High will do her some good and teach her a better way of thinking. Everyone seems much more grounded here. not the millennial, entitlement attitude there is in the Fresno school district.

Money is going to be tight unfortunately. Course it always is. I’m pretty sure I won’t be working at the vets office here on campus after this semester. I don’t think that the boss cares for me much. I honestly think that this is just another push by God, pushing me where I need to be. Where that is I don’t know, but with everything that has happened to get me here, I have faith that he has a plan for me. 

I’ve got only a hand full of projects left to accomplish for my classes, along with two finals. My history final is the only one i’m truly worried about. It’s going to be a bear. Here is the latest project I completed for my Photoshop class a composite abstract with around ten elements and a dozen or so effects.

I have a final project that is a self portrait to get done this weekend, but I have no clue of what I’m going to do. It must be a non-selfie style portrait that embodies who I think I am. OK?

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