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The official launch of The Harguess Family Chronicles is coming soon. I am still building the pages and categories to form a hierarchy of the lineage of our family. This hierarchy is divided into two sections FGS’s and IP’s; Family Group Sheets and Individual Profiles respectively. 

FGS’s will list an individual entire family; (Father, Mother, Children), posts pertinent to that family, and links to other FGS’s. More importantly it will allow you to easily link to each person within that family (To their IP page). It is on the IP that post pertinent to an individual are found. The idea is to cross reference statistical data, media, official records, and family lore about each family and individual.

Bear in mind that since information on living persons is consider vital data; in some cases, all of the data for the primary hierarchy will be protected. Only blood members or those currently married into the Harguess family will be privy to this information; and only after they have created a user account on the site and I approve the account. Accounts are Manually approved.

Key data files that do not contain any living member’s data can be made available on request by those not in the family. I will consider these requests on a case by case basis, but for the most part I will freely share this information.

Currently I have added in seven generations of FGS Pages; 56 FGS pages total, and will be adding post categories to mirror them asap. Below is a listing of the ToDo’s I have before launching the site officially.

Add FGS Categories (09/22)
ADD IP Pages
ADD IP Categories
Build Media Library
Enable Security Measures to all FGS and IP Pages and Categories
Populate FGS’s With Data
Populate IP’s With Data
Populate Media Library

I encourage all members of the Harguess family to create a user account. I also encourage everyone to contribute information to the project. Not just statistical data, but stories, lore, and media to go with it. My goal is to being our family closer together than it has ever been. At present we are spread out all over the place and really don’t know each other. Please help make this project grow.


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