Update and Site Additions UPDATE!!!

Most of you prolly don’t know, but I only operate an active account for one month out of the year. The tree is still accessible and editable, you just cant see any automatic “Hint” updates while it’s not active. During the month that I activate it and pay the unreasonable about of money for the service, I spend a considerable amount of time doing the research, links, and additions.

Ordinarily I activate the account in January of each year, but I have been rather slack in my job as family historian and had not done an update in about a year and a half. So I elected to activate it now; as of a few days ago, and have done a major update to the tree. 

There are now over 400 persons in our family tree and hundreds of documents, photos, and other information on them all. I will be concentrating on the account for the next two week, but will continue to update this website, to mirror as much of the information as I can in a much more personal and family oriented way. To me is far to stale and impersonal, plus I have more control over the files and data collected.

Website: UPDATE!!!

  • I have added in several dozen photos detailing both Belmont Memorial and Reedley Cemeteries; both of which are located in the central valley, California
  • I have also been adding in Individual Profile Pages and Categories to start building the Family Group Sheets.
  • Updated some back-side plug-ins and other site elements.
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