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I spent a full 8 hours yesterday doing research and I think I may have had a break-through. For 30 plus years I’ve been stuck at William Hargiss Sr. Born 1774 in North Carolina. For all this time I could find no connection to anyone before him.
Yesterday; purely by chance I was reviewing another family line of Hargiss’ when I happened across a William born 4 years earlier but who died the same year, and was born in North Carolina.
I’ve come to understand that you cannot identify a person simply by name or birth/death dates. most of your statistical data is nearly always wrong. you have to take lots of little co-incidents along with the statistical data to truly make a solid connection.
I am not sure but it’s looking pretty solid. the the two Williams are indeed the same person. If they are, then I have succeeded in tracing our linage back to a John Hargase(is, iss) all the way back to 1405.
The neat part about it is this link puts us right back in the Dutch Netherlands as I had already figured out; which is another co-incidence to not take lightly. more importantly it helps to confirm a fact that I thought I had disproved.
I was told through many of the older generation of my branch of the family tree that we are French and Dutch by blood. Turns out that this new connection puts square in a french colony in the Dutch territory.
I’m not calling it just yet but the indications are really strong. I’ll continue to research it, but i’m confident the connection is there…
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2 Responses to Research News

  1. Lou Waler says:

    Thank you for this interesting site. Would you please list the name of your tree on so it can be found a little easier.
    Looking for family of Prudence Hargis who m. Thomas Jordan Orange Co NC 1783. Possible father Samuel Hargis.

    • Allen H. says:

      The page is located at Unfortunately I do not have any information on Thomas. My ancestor William Hargiss, b: 1774 Orange Co NC could possibly be a sibling of Thomas, but i have found no records of ant siblings, mother or father for William. I did find a loose connection to a William with the same birth place and death date but the birth date was different. This is problematic as dates are often wrong. I have been able to confirm this connection with only one source; which is not enough to call it legit. other sources; several of them, all have differing accounts. so many that that it is hard to take any of them as fact.

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