Site Update: 1

Progress on the site is coming slow than I had hoped. College, working at the UM Vets Office, and my going into hospital has sorely taken away my time on this project. I am however, taking steps to get the FGS’s and IP’s going. Also I will be Trying to add other content as that content becomes available.

I’m not entirely happy with the FGS and IP listing page so I am going to re-code it to make it more clear as to the timeline within the root directory.

I’m also looking to add in more of an integration with and our Facebook Page.

I have created a new Find A Grave account. This website is a source of information on cemeteries and grave sites across the U.S. and around the world. My account profile is at

I have two older profiles that I no longer can access, hence the new account. I will be linking the information gained through this account to this website, on the cemeteries tab.

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