The Harguess Family Chronicles website is the culmination of over three decades of research into the Harguess family and its history. This website serves as a hub of not just information on the family but a network of websites dedicated to the various aspects of genealogy. The site is also the primary go to for members of the Harguess Family group page on Facebook.

That page is accessed by invitation only and can be found at https://www.facebook.com/groups/122514244455258/

Family members who wish to create a user account to access this website, please pm me in Facebook so I can verify you if I do not already know you. As some of the information stored within this site is privileged and protected only members of the family, (By blood or currently married) will be granted full access.

Those persons outside the family who are looking for information can contact me and I’ll give you what limited information I can.

Thanz for visiting and hope you enjoy the site.
Allen Harguess

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