Contact Me

All request for information can be relayed through my admin email for this website, but for faster returns on your requests message me through Facebook. Please take not that information on living members of my family is protected privileged information and will be limited to the individual’s name, siblings, and parents. This is provided I feel you have a need to know the information.

All family members, (Once Verified) will be granted access to the Harguess Family Group on Facebook, The family tree on and similar information sets. If you are a family member friend me on Facebook, message me you want for information, and I’ll send you a starter pack. This will be a short questionnaire to determine the branch of the family tree you are apart of and allow me to better pinpoint the info most pertinent to you. I will also send you a general information pack about the family.

All Family members can sign up for a user account with this website and I will grant you the full information contained within.

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