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Entry 22:

Midterm 2 for history is done. And I’ve complete another Photoshop assignment. This one was all about compositing. So I decided to grab screen shots of my level 70 characters on Star Wars The Old Republic and mash them up. 

Entry 21: Full Week

A great many things have happened this last week. Sebastian is back home and doing well. It was touch and go for a while, waiting for his digestives system to come back online. It finally did and we have him home again. I thank god for that. I got back the results for my mid-term for one of my media classes. To my astonishment I received 100%. All my classes are going great save one which I’m down to just over a 90% in.The darn TA is a boob and not grading all my assignments and lo-balling me on others. My projects are far superior in both content and techniques used for nearly all the other students and I’m still getting low b’s on most of them. I’m not happy.

It looks like I’ll have all the girls this summer with Autumn staying permanently to attend High School here in Missoula. Sebastian wants to stay in California over the summer. He’s waiting for his buddy to be able to move up here and attend the University with him. I’m going to need to get some bunk-beds really soon and begin preparing for the shift. That is actually exciting.

Entry 20: Snow is here to stay

Oh yeah

Posted by Allen Harguess on Friday, November 3, 2017

Entry 19: The Grind

Grinding through all the much of each day. Sebastian is still not improving much. talked to the doctor in charge of the pediatric program who is now caring for him and he’s not too concerned about how things are going. He said this is typical, but it gives me no comfort. I hate him in so much pain.  The worry I feel is clouding everything. Motivation is the enemy right now. Can’t seem to find any. 

It snowed last night. woke up to white everywhere.

Not much comfort either I’m afraid.

Entry 18: A Hard Sad Week

This whole last week has been so very hard for me. My son Sebastian was admitted to hospital on Thursday. His appendix ruptured. He has been struggling really hard to recover but it’s so slow and frustrating. He in a great deal of pain and can eat or drink. I fear for him.

It makes me feel of worthless that I can’t do a thing for him. worse I’m 1300 miles away. I’m praying every day for his recovery.

Secondary Site News

I have been hard at work adding content and refining the themes for the Liberty Mile and Harguess Family Chronicles sites. Check them out, along with their companion FaceBook pages. Give me some likes, shares, and follows. Also I am still looking for content providers for the Liberty Mile. If you are interested please contact me through FaceBook.

Entry 17: More Projects from University of Montana

So i have two projects that I’ve completed for two of the five Media Arts classes I’m taking this semester at UM. The first is a Photoshop project using Type as a primary element of design. 

We had to use a quote and create a graphic to convey the emotion of the quote.

I also had to complete two separate cuts of video using a selection of provided raw footage to show two different points of view. one is based on the woman’s perspective and the other the man’s perspective. Obviously there’s something shady going on.

Both videos are loaded to my YouTube Channel. Here they are;


I’m really enjoying the projects but they are a bit easy. I’d like to do something more challenging –

Entry 17: Luther Nelson Harguess

So today is Pop’s birthday and I’d like to take a moment and remember him. Born oct 10th, 1941 to Everett and Georgia Harguess in Shafter, Kern county California.
He worked as an Air Structural Maintenance troop for the U.S. Air Force for twenty year, station mostly at Travis AFB in California. He ran the Structural shop there for many years.
When he retired he moved our family to Fresno California Where he lived until his death. He worked there for Pac-Bell running their fleet maintenance and earning a second retirement for 20 years of service with the company.

He loved flying model planes and racing Nitro-powered model cars. I flew both powered and glider aircraft with him on many occasions. He traveled all over the world doing overseas duty with his unit. He was always very outgoing and loved to dance. For his size he could really dance a jig.


He also loved cars and motorcycles. Both he and I restored many oldies. Pop could build anything. If he needed something he built it from scratch.
My favorite times were when we would do our pilgrimages Out to Pick A Part to scrounge parts for the newest car project. We did it every Saturday morning. Afterwords we’d hit up the all you can eat Chinese buffet for lunch.

He taught me a great deal about life and self-reliance. I miss the old boy.


  The Last Know Picture Luke

Entry 15 Hard at work

I have spent most of this last week attending to the needs of my genealogical website and have completed a great deal. the template is debugged completely, the primary family group sheets are added, I have created the necessary root directory and many of the files need to maintain the site and will be adding the Individual Profiles soon. I have 325 of the bugger to add, (Both pages and matching categories). Then I can start adding content.

The site will be integrated into several other genealogy related websites as will as the Harguess Family Facebook page. I was able to run a couple of batch files to create the nearly 500 file folders needed to maintain the site. those two did all the heavy lifting creating much of the root director on my system in seconds. now I just need to populated those folders with the information I already have on hand witch is a crap-ton. 

Fires are finally all out. The rain over the last few days quenched all that mess, along with the fire fighters doing their job. coo-dose to them.

So I found this on Facebook and just had to share it. It is such a funny short. All rites to the guys who put it together. way ta go guys…



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