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My little slice of the web. Here I have created a network of websites that focus on my projects and interests. They are a network of wordpress sites fully integrated into social media and the server side elements I have created. Included are the following websites:

The Liberty Mile
The Lost and Found
Harguess Family Chronicles
Fictitious Melodies
My SWTOR Guild Website

Family members who wish to become a part of the Harguess Family Chronicles geneology page or if you have and other questions or concerns, please contact me first on facebook.

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I was born on Hamilton Air Field, a small and now forgotten US Air Force Base in Marin country California in 1968. Born to Luther Harguess and Katherine House, along with two younger sisters Sheila and Rachel. I grew up in the Suisun-Fairfield area just outside Travis Air Force Base where my father was stationed for twenty years.

In 1980 the family moved to Fresno California where I lived up until January 2017. I have since moved to Missoula Montana to attend the university there. I am looking to complete a BFA in the Media department. I am married but separated and have five children; four girls and a boy. The oldest; Sebastian,  is a Senior attending Duncan Polytech High School. I have a a duaghter; Lillian, attending her sophomore at Bucannon High. My third, Autumn, is currently in middles school at Bullard Talent a performing arts Magnet school. My two youngest; Zoe and Serenity are still in primary school.

I, like my father am an Air Force Veteran, having served nearly twenty years with the 144th Fighter Wing. My AFSC was that of a Non-Destructive Inspections Specialist. Through the military I was able to travel all over the world, meet and work with many great people, and visit some interesting places. 

I have been a programmer and web-designer for a long time. I can program both front and backside applications and dynamic websites. I feel that the Harguess.com network speaks for itself as far as the quality of work I’m capable of. I am also a graphic designer and a writer. I have been published twice. I write short stories, but mostly poetry. I’m currently working on my first novel.  

I had a rough two years prior to my decision to make the move to Montana. I developed acute appendicitis; of which I was misdiagnosed due to the fact I had no visible symptoms normally associated with the ailment. It was not until eight days after It ruptured and three blood panels later that I was finally correctly diagnosed and went into immediate surgery. I was given a 25% chance to make it through the ordeal but somehow beat the odds. The toll was high and as a result i was unable to pass the physical fitness requirements to stay in the military and was honorably discharged.  Not long after my father passed away from liver failure. An ailment he had kept hidden from everyone for several years.

My own brush with death and then my father’s passing had a profound effect on me, changing my whole outlook on life, how I was living mine, and where I was going to end up. More importantly, It made me really think about where my children would end up and how they would live on.

So I moved to one of the best, most beautiful areas in the country. My intention being that my children would follow soon there after. It’s been rough not being close to them, but I am content with the fact that the sacrifices I’m making now will payoff for everyone in the long run. Getting everyone out of California and the craziness that California has become, both politically and socially, is my primary goal.

Starting over is never easy; especially this late in life, but I am committed to building a legacy for myself and them we can all be proud of.

Our history in California was long one. I worked in several industries through the course of my life there, wine making for ten years with E&J Winery, The Pet Industry for thirteen years, Sales for 22 years, I ran the security program at Blackbeards Family Fun Center for eight years, and of course the military for nearly 19 years. I always had more than one job. That’s just the way I’ve always been. I hate being idle.

I love growing things and always had a large, veggie garden and I’ve always had side projects I work on. as one is completed another one always seems to take its place. Prepping is also a big part of my life. Knowing how to live as my forefathers once did is very important to me. Along with that, Milsim is also a big hobby of mine. Airsoft is not just a sport it’s a way to train militarily, keep fit, and have loads of fun while doing it.

My Favorite author is a toss up between Richard Adams and Frank Herbert. Poet is also a toss up. Emily Dickinson and Edgar Allen Poe are tied for that one. Favorite movie is of course Star Wars. I listen to all kind of music. I have no favorite food as I love all foods. Color is green. 

My favorite quote

“To the last, I grapple with thee; From Hell’s heart, I stab at thee; For hate’s sake, I spit my last breath at thee”

By Herman Melville
From Mody-Dick

Genealogy is also a pet project of mine. It all started in Middle school with an English homework assignment. I’ve been doing it ever since. I have a large family tree on Ancestry.com and a whole site dedicated to the project. I’ve been avle to create a hard link to as far back as 1774 and a warm jello link back to 1554. 

Currently I am a full time student at the University of Montana; a wonderful school, of which I am just about to enter into the BFA program for Media Arts. My intention is to get my masters degree. I have three to four  more semesters to complete the BFA. I’m also in the federal work studies program, working at the UM Vets office full time. I help Vets get their education benefits going and back to school. 

Last Updated: Oct. 23, 2017

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