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Welcome to the Lost & Found. This small slice of the web is dead-icated to Zombies and all things macabre. From tips & information to help you survive Zombie Apocalypse to the darkness that hides within us all. Feel free to check out all the site has to offer and by all means create a user account if you would like to explore that darker side of your soul and the souls of others. To each of us our darkness within holds its own special meaning and its own unique influences on our spirit. No matter the cause. No matter its effects. One fact is self evident. The darkness that each of us holds within ourselves is a quality to be admired. Much of the content on this site is purely for entertainment, but many of the how-to's and tutorials have real world application helping one to survive any manor or catastrophe or the Zombie Apocalypse itself.



posted on: 2014-12-09 BY: vanthromhre

Literature and Tutorials Areas

I have the Tutorials area completed and the Literature area 70 percent completed. I have no tutorials content loaded yet; although, I do have a good amount of Literature uploaded.

The literature area will be divided into Audio, Fiction, and Real World Information; with each are further divided into Linked and Downloadable content

It is my hope to offer the most content, with the widest scope of any Z-site.

At this point the Site Forums and a few minor items on the User's Control Panel are the only areas left to work.


posted on: 2014-11-26 BY: vanthromhre

Looking for Staffer

As i am Relaunching the site i am looking for people to staff several positions withing the organization to help will content and creative additions to the site. If you are interested feel free to contact me.


posted on: 2014-11-26 BY: vanthromhre

Dead Zone Subscription

You can now place a Dead Zone Subscription. The link is active....


posted on: 2014-11-26 BY: vanthromhre

User Panel Update

I have update the following:

The user interface is up and running you can now create a user account, validated it through your email, and and activate it.
CSS bugs fixed making the site more seamless
I have taken the user galleries, admin alerts, and forums offline for debugging.

More to come.....


posted on: 2014-11-21 BY: vanthromhre

Site Update

I've almost got the site back up and fully running. two Moduals and the user panel is all i have left to cleanup and reload. Once that is done i will be adding new content to the site.



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