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Welcome to the Lost & Found. This small slice of the web is dead-icated to Zombies and all things macabre. From tips & information to help you survive Zombie Apocalypse to the darkness that hides within us all. Feel free to check out all the site has to offer and by all means create a user account if you would like to explore that darker side of your soul and the souls of others. To each of us our darkness within holds its own special meaning and its own unique influences on our spirit. No matter the cause. No matter its effects. One fact is self evident. The darkness that each of us holds within ourselves is a quality to be admired. Much of the content on this site is purely for entertainment, but many of the how-to's and tutorials have real world application helping one to survive any manor or catastrophe or the Zombie Apocalypse itself.

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posted on: 2015-01-20 BY: vanthromhre

New content Up

This weeks columns and blood circus content is up as well as a large number of tutorials content.


posted on: 2015-01-11 BY: vanthromhre

Zombie Radio Zaiku

so I entered a contest from one of the groups I belong to and got my Zombie Haiku, my Zaiku read over the radio. Sooooooo Cewl. Zombie radio and Zombie book of the month club; You rock....

Here's the episode....

Zombie Ziaku


posted on: 2015-01-02 BY: vanthromhre

The Dead Zone

The Dead Zone is now fully active with all of the content loaded. If you haven't subscribed feel free to do so. this months edition is rather slim as I haven't any help with content contributors yet and I was really trying to center my efforts on finishing the upgrades to the site.

Just remember t hat as a subscriber you get far more content and goodies that non-subscribers.


posted on: 2014-12-30 BY: vanthromhre

January Columns

I've posted all of January's first week Columns early just because I've got a great deal to bet posted and need to get some done early.

Other posts I have yet to do are all the added content available through the Dead Zone, add in some new links, and place some new downloads. Itchy also has a few posts of his own for the Blood Circus.

More to come.....


posted on: 2014-12-30 BY: vanthromhre

Site Update Dec 29

I've been working hard to get more up and running smoothly. I now have all of the sub-routines related to the Dead Zone news letter completed. save the downloads section and contests section. Those will be next.

That only leaves a few minor items in the user panel to complete and the forums rework.

Once I get the downloads and Contests section done I'm going to focus on the content for January; then pich up everything else..



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